Serving Greater Moncton and South Eastern New Brunswick, we specialize in making your event a big success with Photo Booth Services like no other

How early before my event date do I need to book ?

We recommend you reserve your event date as early as possible to void disappointment. A non-refundable deposit is required to secure your event date, 

Why MyPhotoBooth ? What makes us different/better than the others ?

MyPhotoBooth was designed and built by the owner of the company as a custom software and hardware solution allowing us to provide the most value well beyond the cost and  guarantee the highest level of customer service.
The PhotoBooth was custom designed and built with a large touch screen allowing guests to see a large live preview during Photo Booth Sessions- we do not use a small tablet based system like most photobooth companies do. Our Photo Booth also has custom multi-color LED lighting effects to add to the fun. The Photobooth can be controlled using it's touch screen by the attendants or guests but can also be controlled remotely via our custom designed Smart Phone App - useful during Covid-19.  We use 'Continous Lighting' - no annoying camera flashes . With continous lighting, the Photo Booth is brightly lit, allowing gusts to watch the fun and our pro lighting is great for guests that want to use their own cameras to snap some pics.
Our Photo Booth Software is one-of-a-kind , 100% coded and maintained by the owner of the company. Having full access to the source code of our product allows us to focus on the features we want to have and to have all of the pros and none of the cons of competitor systems. This also allows us to customize the software when required such as for corporate events.
MyPhotoBooth never limits print quantity. If there's 10 people in the shot, all 10 get a print. We also allow reprints when requested if time permits.
Guests can also send themselves a digital copy via Email or SMS (text message). This can be done on the PhotoBooth screen itself or , if there is a lineup at the Photo Booth, to avoid slowing down the queue, this can be done from our reprint station.
We love to interact and engage with the guests, offering suggestions for different poses , ensuring each photo is centered properly and our custom software allows zooming in and out to get everyone in the shot. Our zooming feature also allows us to place the Photo Booth a greater distance away from the backdrop reducing congestion.

We are based out of Riverview, but don’t worry, we will travel throughout New Brunswick but please note that there may be a small travel charge just to cover our travel costs. 
We encourage you to read our reviews from past clients.  We are proud of our reviews because they truly represent the value and hard work that we provide to each of our clients.

How much space do I need to reserve for a Photo Booth ?

MyPhotoBooth is ultra-compact and versatile.   The footprint for the Photo Booth requires an area 10 feet wide (to support the extra wide backdrop) by 10 feet deep. Please keep in mind that depending on where you wish to place the table for Proto Props, some extra space may be required. Also if you are expecting a large crowd, Photo Booth lineups can be substantial. Although guests never complain about waiting in line because they have fun watching, you may want to reserve some extra space for the Photo Booth queue area. 

What type of Printer do you use ?

We use the latest digital printing technology – our printers are professional dye-sublimation printers- the same type used by  your local drug store, walmart or Disney to produce photo lab quality digital prints in as little as 10 seconds. Unlike Ink Jet pints, our prints will not fade, smudge, or smear. Supposedly the colors will not fade for 100 years, although I have not been able to verify that personally. We have had guests tell us that their prints got rained on during a tent event and it didn't cause any harm. We do supply plastic sleeves for guests that wish to add some extra protection.

Can I see a sample Print before my event to see what I am getting ?

Yes. Please contact us via email or phone and we will be more than happy to send you some sample photo prints from past events..

Do my guests have to pay to use the booth ?

No. The photo booth rental is all-inclusive and available to everyone at the event. 
You and your guests can use the photo booth as often as you would like for the duration of the time booked.
We never limit the number of sessions per guest or the number of prints as long as time permits.

Can I customize my Photo Booth Package ?

Yes. We can customize an entire package that will meet your needs in any way we can. Planning a wedding or other event should not be a stressful time. We do our best to ensure that is the case.

Will there be someone there to operate the photo booth?

Depending on the event, one or two fully trained event specialists will be available at your event to operate the booth as well as assist you and your guests if needed. We ensure things go smoothly, everyone is centered in the shot, the camera is zoomed properly, suggest poses, help with props, help guests send themselves an electronic copy and ensure everyone gets a print.

Why do I need a photo booth- I already hired a photographer ?

Photographers do a remarkable job capturing the memories of your special day. However, MyPhotoBooth provides an element of fun and entertainment that a photographer may not be able to capture. Remember that a Photographer is there to provide a service for the Bride and Groom, where a Photo Booth is there for the guests. Not only do we capture the candid moments of your event, our photo booth produces instant digital prints on-site for your guests to take with them. We have been told by many clients after their event that the Photo Booth was the 'hit of the night'.

I've never seen a Photo Booth in action. How does it work ?

It’s easy as 1-2-3!

1. Get ready

Gather your friends & family, grab some props.

2. Take the Photos

Touch the start button, select your preferred layout and strike some poses

3. See the results !

In less than 15 seconds, it is the moment of truth - your prints are ready

What is the best location for the photo booth ?

The best location for the photo booth is in a high traffic area. This will guarantee our photo booth attracts the most attention and delivers the most fun and entertainment at your event.

How many people can fit in the picture ?

You are only limited to the number of people you can squeeze in. Our photo booth is an open concept design; therefore, the group shots are easily accommodated.  We use an extra wide backdrop and about 8 feet from our camera which allows a large number of guests in each shot. 

In conjunction with our available wide format (16X9) photos, we've had 20 and more people in a single shot. 
But using our custom zoom feature, you can still fill the entire frame with one or people. We also provide step stools for the shorter folks.

We use an extra wide backdrop and support wide format (16 X 9)  aspect ratio pics allowing more people in each shot. But if theres only  few people in the shot, our zooming feature allows us to get up nice and close and avoid boring white space in the shot. When we design your custom Photo Layout, you can choose from a combination of standard aspect ratio (3 X 2) photos or wide format (16 X 9) pics. This wide format is unique to MyPhotoBooth.

MyPhotoBooth now suppots ANY aspect ratio Pic

Most Photo Booth companies use Point and Shoot cameras which take pictures using a standard 2 X 3 aspect ratio- which means the width is 1.5 times the height. MyPhotoBooth uses a 16 X 9 Aspect Ratio camera which means all of the pics we give you at the end of the event are full wide format pics.
But... When we create the layout for your Photo Booth template, you can choose to use pics in other aspect ratios.
You could have for example  2 X 3 pics, 16 X 9 pics, square pics, tall- narrow pics (see sample below) or any other aspect ratio you choose.

Note the Photo Booth session Live Preview screen below showing the crop bars and the resulting cropped image.:

Can we have a special message on our photo booth prints ?

Absolutely! Our in house graphic design team will create a custom template with your name, date, company logo, images, or anything else you would like. 
We design it based on your input and if you don't like the samples we send to you, we keep trying until you are happy.
We also design not one, but up to 3 layouts allowing guests to select their preferred layout when the Photo Booth session starts with a single large pic, or 2 or 3 or 4 pics.i
Find another Photo Booth company that offers that !!

Is a Photo Booth expensive ?

MyPhotoBooth is New Brunswick's most affordable photo booth rental company. We provide the best customer service and care and the most value well beyond the cost. If you get a quote from another Photo Booth company for similar services, we will beat that quoted rate by 10%.